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As a Member of The Geoeconomics Society, you will be at the epicenter of groundbreaking discussions in geoeconomics.

This partnership offers a unique platform to showcase your commitment to fostering global economic understanding and innovation. Align your brand with thought leaders and key decision-makers in this field, enhancing your visibility and influence. Benefit from unparalleled networking opportunities, connect with potential clients and partners, and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of geoeconomics.

Engage with high-level keynote speakers, including Elisabeth Braw (Atlantic Council) and Denis Redonnet (European Commission), who will provide foundational insights into the evolving landscape of geoeconomics. Participate in sessions such as “Enter the Geoeconomist: Outline of a New Job Profile” (Day 3), featuring Mikael Wigell (FIIA), Dominik Eisenhut (Airbus Defence & Space), Francesca Ghiretti (CSIS), Tobias Gehrke (ECFR), and Jens Hillebrand Pohl (FIIA). Also, engage in “Geoeconomics in Investment Analysis: Risk and Opportunity” (Day 3), featuring June Park (Schmidt Futures), Teddy Bunzel (Lazard), Ashley Thomas Lenihan (Georgetown University), Minna Kuusisto (Danske Bank), and Juho Romakkaniemi (Finland Chamber of Commerce).

Enhance your strategic understanding through panels like “Geoeconomics by Design: Impact on Technological Innovation” (Day 3), featuring Sarah Bauerle Danzman (Indiana University), Raluca Csernatoni (Carnegie Europe), Patrik Gayer (Silo AI), Johannes Koponen (, Stefan Lindström (Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and Tim Rühlig (German Council on Foreign Relations, DGAP). Engage in “Geoeconomics in Government Relations: A Common Language” (Day 4), featuring Akira Igata (The University of Tokyo), Sari Arho Havrén (Business Finland), Braz Baracuhy (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Björn Fägersten (Politea), Pär Malmberg (Stockholm School of Economics), and George Shambaugh (Georgetown University). Delve into “Geoeconomics in Court: The Rise of Economic Lawfare” (Day 4), featuring Maria Shagina (IISS), Jens Hillebrand Pohl (FIIA), Cindy Whang (Fu Jen Catholic University), Maria Carlsson (Bird & Bird), Victor A. Ferguson (University of Tokyo), Klaus Ilmonen (Hannes Snellman), and Malcolm Jorgensen (Max Planck Institute).

Participate in discussions on “Professional Standards: Towards the Chartered Geoeconomist?” (Day 4), featuring Mikael Wigell (FIIA), Jens Hillebrand Pohl (FIIA), and others, to explore the future of geoeconomic expertise and its role in corporate leadership.

Additional Programme Elements:

  • Day 1: Initiation with a Pre-Conference, a Workshop focused on Law & Geoeconomics, followed by a Welcome Dinner.
  • Day 2: Features the Helsinki Initiative on Law & Geoeconomics Symposium, parallel sessions on emerging topics, and an Opening Keynote Event, concluding with a Gala Dinner.
  • Day 5: Culminates with an interactive Geoeconomic War Games Session and a Closing Keynote Event, followed by a Farewell Lunch and a General Meeting of The Geoeconomics Society.

By participating in these events, you will have the chance to engage deeply with the content, network with peers, and influence the direction of geoeconomic thought and practice.

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