Geoeconomics in Corporate Strategy: The New Normal

Explore the evolving landscape of corporate strategy at Panel II of Helsinki Geoeconomics Week 2024. This session delves into how geoeconomics is increasingly becoming a pivotal part of strategic decision-making in the corporate world.

With a focus on the integration of economic statecraft expertise at the highest levels of management, this panel will shed light on how specialists in geopolitics are guiding C-suite executives, top management, boards of directors, and strategy departments.

Learn how these experts are redefining corporate strategies, ensuring businesses stay ahead in a complex geopolitical environment.

Join us to discover how geoeconomic expertise is shaping business decisions and strategies, turning it into the new normal for forward-thinking corporations.


  • Integration: This session addresses the integration of geoeconomics into corporate strategy.
  • Intra-Corporate Perspective: Taking an intra-corporate perspective, the panel examines how companies internalize geoeconomic analysis into their decision-making processes to enhance competitiveness and adapt to geopolitical shifts.
  • Strategic Approaches: The discussion will cover strategies for incorporating geopolitical risk assessments into business models, aligning corporate policies with global economic trends, and leveraging geoeconomic insights to navigate regulatory environments.
  • Best Practices: Additionally, the panel will explore case studies of companies that have successfully integrated geoeconomic considerations to gain a competitive edge, demonstrating best practices for sustainable growth in an increasingly complex global market.


Heiko Borchert, Borchert Consulting & Research
Ann-Nina Finne, Hill & Knowlton (chair) 
Susanna Mäkelä, Laissa
Risto E.J. Penttilä, Nordic West Office
Henrik Seip, Equinor
Simon Wunder, Volkswagen AG

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