Enter the Geoeconomist: Outline of a New Job Profile

Dive into the heart of geoeconomics with Panel I of Helsinki Geoeconomics Week 2024.

As ever more businesses hire external or in-house experts to navigate the economic strategy implications of a complex geopolitical landscape, this panel unveils the “geoeconomist“, the contours of a new profession emerging at the crossroads of global economics and politics.  

Learn how this new job profile is becoming essential in shaping economic strategies and policies worldwide.

Engage with experts who are defining what it means to be a geoeconomist in today’s interconnected world.


  • Emerging Profession: This panel explores the emerging profession of expert advisors to businesses and governments on the economics of geopolitics and the geopolitics of economics (i.e., geoeconomics).
  • Role Definition: Highlighting the role of these ‘geoeconomists’ in navigating economic strategies within complex geopolitical landscapes, the discussion focuses on defining the skills and responsibilities of geoeconomists and their increasing importance in global economic policy and strategy.
  • Required Qualifications: The session will delve into the educational background, analytical tools, and interdisciplinary knowledge required for this role.
  • Strategic Value-Added: Additionally, it will provide insights into how geoeconomists contribute to strategic decision-making, risk management, and policy formulation, emphasizing their value in both private and public sectors to address the dynamic challenges of the global economy.


Dominik Eisenhut, Airbus Defence & Space
Tobias Gehrke, ECFR
Francesca Ghiretti, CSIS, Adarga
Jens Hillebrand Pohl, FIIA (chair)
Mikael Wigell, FIIA

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