Geoeconomics in Government Relations: A Common Language

Panel V of Helsinki Geoeconomics Week 2024 explores the critical interface between the public and private sectors within the realm of geoeconomics.

“Geoeconomics in Government Relations: A Common Language” delves into the necessity for a shared vocabulary and mutual understanding in the public-private dialogue.

This panel will explore how establishing a common nomenclature and aligning methods and outlooks can enhance collaboration and alignment between government and business in geoeconomic matters.

It’s a session dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering a unified approach to global economic challenges.

Join us for a deep dive into the art of creating synergy in government relations through the lens of geoeconomics.


  • Unified Approach: This session emphasizes the importance of developing a unified approach to economic statecraft in government relations, highlighting the crucial role of both the public and private sectors.
  • Common Framework: By adopting a shared vernacular, methodology, and nomenclature, and aligning base assumptions, governments and businesses can enhance international cooperation, streamline policy-making, and minimize compliance inefficiencies while maximizing compliance impact.
  • Improved Coordination: The discussion will explore how a common geoeconomic language can improve communication and coordination, leading to more effective responses to global economic challenges and promoting stability in international markets.
  • Cohesive Strategies: Through case studies and best practices, the panel will demonstrate how cohesive geoeconomic strategies can address trade disputes, sanctions, and investment security, ultimately fostering robust international relations and a stable global economic order.


Sari Arho Havrén, Business Finland, RUSI
Braz Baracuhy, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (chair)
Björn Fägersten, Politea
Akira Igata, University of Tokyo
Pär Malmberg, Stockholm School of Economics
George Shambaugh, Georgetown University

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