Geoeconomics in Investment Analysis: Risk and Opportunity

Panel III at Helsinki Geoeconomics Week 2024 turns the spotlight on the investor’s perspective, unraveling how geoeconomics shapes investment decisions.

This session delves into the nuanced interplay between a company’s “unique power propositions” and its geoeconomic value, highlighting how these factors drive profitability and investment appeal.

Explore the critical role of geoeconomic insights in discerning risks and identifying lucrative opportunities in the complex world of investment.

Join us for a compelling discussion that redefines investment analysis through the lens of geoeconomic evaluation, where understanding global economic dynamics is key to making informed, strategic investment choices.


  • Investor’s Perspective: Focusing on the investor’s perspective, this panel explores how geoeconomics influences investment decisions.
  • Risk and Opportunity Identification: It emphasizes the importance of geoeconomic insights in identifying risks and opportunities, thereby shaping investment strategies.
  • Impact Analysis: By examining case studies and real-world examples, the discussion will highlight how geopolitical shifts, trade policies, and economic sanctions impact investment landscapes.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: The panel will also consider the role of geoeconomic analysis in assessing market volatility, forecasting trends, and making informed, strategic investment choices to maximize returns and mitigate risks in a globally interconnected economy.


Valtteri Ahti, Evli Bank
Theodore Bunzel
, Lazard
Ashley Thomas Lenihan, Georgetown University (chair)
Minna  Kuusisto, Danske Bank
June Park, Schmidt Futures
Juho Romakkaniemi, Finland Chamber of Commerce

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