Professional Standards: Towards the Chartered Geoeconomist?

Panel VIII of Helsinki Geoeconomics Week 2024 caps off our series of discussions by addressing the crucial need for establishing professional standards in the field of geoeconomics.

This session, titled “Professional Standards: Towards the Chartered Geoeconomist?” sets out to distill the collective wisdom of all previous panels, highlighting the importance of setting minimum standards for professionals engaged in geoeconomic practices, irrespective of their specific job titles.

This pivotal discussion aims to outline the essential criteria for what constitutes a proficient geoeconomist, including minimum standards of education, expertise, experience, and training.

The panel will delve into the ethical standards and self-regulation necessary to elevate the field, fostering trust, efficacy, and excellence in the profession.

This session is a call to action for professionals in the field, whether they explicitly identify with the term “geoeconomist” or not, to adopt these rigorous standards, thereby ensuring the discipline’s integrity and impact in the global economic arena.


  • Professional Standards: The final panel discusses the establishment of professional standards for geoeconomists, considering the potential for certifying expertise in this emerging field.
  • Formal Charter: It explores the development of a formal charter to recognize and standardize the qualifications and competencies required for geoeconomists.
  • Certification Benefits: Panelists will delve into the benefits of creating a certification process, including ensuring consistency in skills and knowledge across the profession, enhancing the credibility and recognition of geoeconomists, and promoting higher standards of practice.
  • Criteria and Requirements: The discussion will also cover the criteria for certification, the necessary educational and experiential requirements, and the role of professional organizations in overseeing the certification process.
  • Pathway Models: By examining models from other established professions, the panel aims to outline a clear pathway towards achieving professional recognition for geoeconomists.
  • Field Development: This session will be crucial for current and aspiring geoeconomists, employers, and academic institutions, offering insights into how professional standards can support the growth and development of this critical field, ultimately contributing to more effective economic statecraft and strategic decision-making on a global scale.


   Sarah Bauerle Danzman, Indiana University Bloomington
   Braz Baracuhy, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
   Victor A. Ferguson, The University of Tokyo
   Ann-Nina Finne, Hill & Knowlton
   Ashley Thomas Lenihan, Georgetown University
   Jens Hillebrand Pohl, FIIA
   Mikael Wigell, FIIA (chair)

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