Risk, Legal & Compliance Experts

Navigate the Geoeconomic Terrain with Enhanced Expertise

Risk, Legal, and Compliance Experts attending Helsinki Geoeconomics Week will find a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities.

This conference will equip you with a deeper understanding of how geoeconomic factors influence legal and compliance frameworks globally. Engage in panels such as “Geoeconomics in Court: The Rise of Economic Lawfare” (Day 4), featuring Maria Shagina (IISS), Jens Hillebrand Pohl (FIIA), Cindy Whang (Fu Jen Catholic University), Maria Carlsson (Bird & Bird), Victor A. Ferguson (University of Tokyo), Klaus Ilmonen (Hannes Snellman, Hanken School of Economics), and Malcolm Jorgensen (Max Planck Institute), to explore the strategic use of legal tools in geoeconomic contexts. High-level opening keynote speakers, including Elisabeth Braw (Atlantic Council) and Denis Redonnet (European Commission), will offer valuable perspectives.

Explore the latest developments in economic lawfare and risk management strategies shaped by international economic policies. Sessions like “Geoeconomics in Government Relations: A Common Language” (Day 4), featuring Akira Igata (The University of Tokyo), Sari Arho Havrén (Business Finland, RUSI), Braz Baracuhy (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Björn Fägersten (Politea), Pär Malmberg (Stockholm School of Economics), and George Shambaugh (Georgetown University), and “Geoeconomics by Design: Impact on Technological Innovation” (Day 3), featuring Raluca Csernatoni (Carnegie Europe), Patrik Gayer (Silo AI), Johannes Koponen (Konsensus.me), Stefan Lindström (Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and Tim Rühlig (German Council on Foreign Relations, DGAP), will provide insights into navigating regulatory environments and securing compliance across different sectors.

Enhance your ability to safeguard your organization against geopolitical risks and compliance challenges. Join us to be at the forefront of your field, and participate in discussions on “Professional Standards: Towards the Chartered Geoeconomist?” (Day 4), featuring Mikael Wigell (FIIA), Jens Hillebrand Pohl (FIIA), and others, to understand the evolving standards and practices in geoeconomics.

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