Investment Analysts & Venture Capitalists

Discover Investment Frontiers in Era of Competitive Geoeconomics

For Investment Analysts and Venture Capitalists, Helsinki Geoeconomics Week is a not-to-be-missed event that will sharpen your understanding of how geoeconomic trends impact investment landscapes.

Delve into sessions that illuminate risks and opportunities in global markets, influenced by geopolitical shifts. Panels such as “Geoeconomics in Investment Analysis: Risk and Opportunity” (Day 3), featuring June Park (Schmidt Futures), Teddy Bunzel (Lazard), Valtteri Ahti (Evli Bank), Ashley Thomas Lenihan (Georgetown University), Minna Kuusisto (Danske Bank), and Juho Romakkaniemi (Finland Chamber of Commerce), and “Geoeconomics in Corporate Strategy: The New Normal” (Day 3), featuring Heiko Borchert (Borchert Consulting & Research), Ann-Nina Finne (Hill & Knowlton), Susanna Mäkelä (Laissa), Risto E.J. Penttilä (Nordic West Office), Henrik Seip (Equinor), and Simon Wunder (Volkswagen AG), will be particularly relevant, providing insights into market dynamics and investment strategies. High-level opening keynote speakers, including Elisabeth Braw (Atlantic Council) and Denis Redonnet (European Commission), will provide foundational insights.

Expand your network with leading financial experts and peers, gaining insights that will empower your investment decisions and strategy formulations. Sessions like “Geoeconomics by Design: Impact on Technological Innovation” (Day 3), featuring Raluca Csernatoni (Carnegie Europe), Patrik Gayer (Silo AI), Johannes Koponen (, Stefan Lindström (Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and Tim Rühlig (German Council on Foreign Relations, DGAP), will further enhance your understanding of how technological advancements and geopolitical risks interplay.

Be part of a dialogue that defines the future of investment in a geopolitically dynamic world. Engage with discussions on “Geoeconomics in Government Relations: A Common Language” (Day 4), featuring Akira Igata (The University of Tokyo), Sari Arho Havrén (Business Finland, RUSI), Braz Baracuhy (Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Björn Fägersten (Politea), Pär Malmberg (Stockholm School of Economics), and George Shambaugh (Georgetown University), to understand regulatory impacts on investments and explore new frontiers.

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